Phase 1
Growth Phase
-For the remainder of 2021 DEMEN will focus on gathering community members!
-DEMEN Promotions on Twitter and Telegram
-DEMEN ad Campaigns on Instagram, Tiktok!
-List on all small voting sites!
-500 holders on Binance Smart Chain!
-CoinMooner and Poocoin Banner

Phase 2
Utility Phase
-Beginning 2022, depending upon community request, DEMEN will start a huge push to become the number 3, then Shiba, Doge!
-Big influencer partnerships!
-Utility discussion and creation.
-Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap listings!
-100k holders on Binance Smart Chain!
-$100 Million Market Capitalization

Phase 3
Mainstream Phase
-DEMEN banners and billboards!
-DEMEN CEX listings.
-DEMEN steals the crown from Shiba!
-DEMEN steals the crown from Doge!
More to come as DEMEN grows!